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The pakkinews.com is created for people who want to be in touch with the daily news without spending too much time that they otherwise spend on reading newspapers. Be it political development, administrative matters, showbiz world, sports field, international relations or any domestic happening, we cover all with greater level of efficiency. This portal keeps the process of updating latest news going and provides most recent news to the visitors.

The most important element for every individual in the paced up world is time. No body has enough time to spend on boring newspapers which remained a norm of the recent past. The time has changed everything and now people have shifted their focus from newspapers towards internet.

Now they read everything on internet and this is the main reason that pushed us to create this portal for helping people in getting news quite easily.

Another wonderful development took place in technology and smartphones came into existence. Now you don’t need to sit on your personal computer all the time as you can get connected with the world by using your smartphone. Our online portal is compatible with all smartphones and you can visit our website to get latest news on your smartphone which will not only keep you updated but will also save your precious time.

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