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Guests in Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel get Amazing Packages


Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel  was opened few years back. It is first international upscale hotel that operates direct access for Singapore’s Changi Airport’s Terminal-3. It was Designed by multi-award winning architectural Singapore-based firm that is WOHA Designs. The 320-room Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel also reflects uniquely Singaporean environment– tropical, multicultural, Asian and comfortable yet efficient, high-tech, stylish and also global in outlook.

Hotel is featured including open courtyards, corridors and extensive rainforest-stylish gardens that creates a balmy tropical ambience. This unique architectural style also even allows natural light flowing into guest bathrooms.

Natural light filters into public areas by water-covered skylights over lobby including ballroom and function room areas as well. Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel is also linked to Terminal-3 by walkways from both first and second floors of this hotel.

All arriving guests can also be at hotel reception within minutes and in all rooms while many other guests are still at airport taxi queue. It is really access from Terminals 1 including Terminal 2 including breeze via new automated People Mover System that also links all other three airport passenger terminals.

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